Solid Wood Furniture Design and Build Process

Solid Wood Furniture Design

Solid Wood Furniture Designs are very sought after these days!  Learn more about the “Design & Build Process” at Keith Schoonover Custom Wood Designs

Watch the video below to learn more about the entire process of creating custom solid wood furniture designs.

Each piece of solid wood furniture from Keith Schoonover Custom Wood Designs is truly one of a kind, unique by its very nature; no two custom wood-workings can be the same! Check out our entire process for creating custom wood furniture, from tree selection to a beautifully finished piece of furniture.

Keith is always looking for aging trees in Frederick, Washington and Montgomery County, Maryland. He has been known to visit the same standing tree for years before approaching an owner to discuss re-purposing options and reclaiming the wood.

Here are pictures of a large Black Walnut located on Old Middletown Road in Middletown, Maryland and a Curley English Walnut located on Lindbergh Street in Frederick, Maryland.

Our logs from come from hand selected trees and are professionally removed and hauled to our Sawmill in Jefferson, Maryland so we can begin building our Solid Wood Furniture.

solid-wood-furniture-design-maple-reclaimed-woodHere is a picture of the cutting and removal of a standing Curley English Walnut tree. This is a downed Large Oak Tree located in Burkittsville, Maryland that we were able to remove. Now you can see how our solid wood furniture comes from amazing pieces of wood. Trees like this can be used for our reclaimed wood furniture.  One of our most popular pieces of natural wood furniture comes in the form of our reclaimed wood dining table.

Once removed, trees are carefully loaded onto the Tri-Axle and transported to our Jefferson, MD sawmill where they await the next phase of the process, as soon as the tree arrives at our Jefferson Mill, they are thoroughly inspected and documented before we begin the sawing process on one of two mills.

The tree is photographed & documented; including length, diameter, and circumference so we can determine the best pieces of custom wood furniture that can be created from the reclaimed wood.

Here is a photo of Keith performing the initial phase of the re-purposing process.  This includes expertly trimming the logs before we can begin the next phase of creating beautifully finished custom, solid wood furniture.

This log has been prepped for sawing and is loaded on large mill, measurements are taken in preparation for the initial slab cuts for solid wood table tops, and other pieces required to create our solid wood furniture designs.

Our precision sawing process delivers optimal slab flitches for furniture making. The mill has over 40,000 square feet of storage space for air drying slab flitches

Here is a shot of our 5,000 board foot capacity drying kiln.  Kiln dried slabs are then moved into the Barn Shop where the surfacing process will begin and our Solid Wood Furniture Designs will take shape.

Once dry, each flitch is surfaced and flattened. This step is critical in creating high quality wood furniture because the stress of drying can often cause some movement out of plane.

Small slab surfacing is done in-house, larger slabs taken to our partner in Hicksville, Maryland.

These Black Walnut Slabs and Curley English Maple Slabs, pictured here, have been resurfaced and are ready proceed to the next step in the process of creating one of our gorgeous pieces of finished custom wood furniture.  Many of our pieces of furniture end up in the Cooley Gallery which is owned by NFL player, Chris Cooley.

This Base and legs has been distinctively constructed for a solid wood dining table design. Here is another expertly designed and crafted set of walnut base & legs!

Now both sides of the slab as well as the custom designed base & legs will be sanded in stages. Beginning with coarse 80 grit sandpaper and working in stages up to 240 grit sand paper. This process is critical to ensure that all pieces of the finished wood will be COMPLETELY smooth to the touch.

“I want ANY spot you touch to feel soft, like new born skin, it should make you want to touch it, caress it! “ – Keith Schoonover, Custom Wood Designs

Next the edges will have all bark removed, starting with a chisel, being careful not to gouge or damage the wood, then a soft wire wheel will remove the final bits of the cambium layer without compromising the natural contours & texture of the edge. Finally the edge will be lightly sanded by hand with a 240 grit paper, as will any check or crack in the surface.

As an artist friend and mentor once told me, “When properly finished, a piece of wood should sing! When creating a piece of art don’t make it hum, make it SING!”

“My deep desire is that when you take home one of our finished pieces of furniture
that it will beautify your home and that it will sing for you!”– Keith Schoonover

Click on the “Shop For Furniture” link  on our Custom Wood Furniture website to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home!

Don’t forget to contact us at 301-674-6455 if you would
like to talk about a custom design that you have in mind for your solid wood furniture!

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